Our Values

The task of transforming the laws that govern how chemicals are regulated and or marketed in the great State of New York will test the cohesion of any movement. Rather than focusing only on the end results of transforming chemical policy or shifting market behavior, we the members of Just Green promise that through our work we will build a better movement for health and environmental justice in this state.

We believe that realizing the promise of building a better movement can only be achieved by us binding together through a shared set of values. These are:


We value diversity and aim to involve diverse populations in our work. The respective roles and input of our partners are acknowledged as equally crucial to the realization of our vision. We commit to including the languages and cultures of our partners in our work.

Environmental Justice

We acknowledge the disproportionate exposure of communities of color and low-income communities to environmental burdens and toxic hazards. Thus, we believe in environmental justice and community empowerment, and our work is committed to enhancing public participation, transparency, sustainability and precautionary principles, and self-determination.


Children’s Environmental Health
Children are particularly vulnerable to many health threats from the many toxins they are exposed to in the womb, in the home, at school and elsewhere. We are committed to protecting and promoting the health of New York State’s children, at all stages of development, as we seek to change how chemicals are regulated and marketed in this state.

Safe Workplaces
We recognize that workers have a right to be free from toxic exposures in the workplace, which could result in their lives being shortened and their families being placed at risk. We are committed to work with organized and non-organized labor to finding solutions that: protect the health of workers, insure that jobs are free from toxic exposures and safeguard the communities where their workplaces are located.


A promise that empowers our state and drives our collective. As we look to the future, we share a common value of opportunity for all New Yorkers to have access to good jobs in the greener, safer chemical industry.

Safe Communities
We share a vision that the people of every community in the 62 counties of this great state will be free from the health effects caused by exposure to harmful chemicals and other toxins.